Dialoque supports the restoration and preservation of our great classic car heritage in many ways...

Classic Car Locator Services

Many classic car owners are now using on-line advertisements and auctions such as eBay to find desirable automobiles.

This can work well, but if you are not finding the right car or additional assurances are needed in the purchase process, Dialoque can help...
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Auction Bidding Services

Classic car auctions can be exciting, but they can also be frustrating and expensive.

Dialoque has years of experience in tracking the best high-line car auctions, obtaining sale lists, and researching past sales results.

We can assist you in locating and acquiring the classic car of your dreams.
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Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you are acquiring a vehicle that you have never seen, from a seller that you have never met, an Dialoque pre-purchase inspection is a small investment that pays big dividends.
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Automobile Appraisals

While our expertise centers on classic American cars, Dialoque appraises many types of vehicles.

We provide on-site assessments, emphasizing current market value as determined by recent comparable sales and subject vehicle condition.
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Vehicle Documentation

Dialoque has over 20 years experience in buying and selling classic cars. We understand vehicle documentation, and we are very familiar with the new Canada Customs export rules.

To expedite the shipment of your classic car we ensure that all required papers are both available and correct.
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Vehicle Transportation and Export

Dialoque has the shipping contacts to move your classic car to where you want it- safely, reliably, and economically.
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About Dialoque

Dialoque is a professional and reputable provider of classic car acquisition services. We are based in southern Oregon and have over 20 years experience in the classic car industry.
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The Dialoque Car Logo Collection

Eye candy for the classic car enthusiast- hundreds of car and truck logos, a visual chronicle of automotive history.
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